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Religious Education: Healthy Children Protocols

Due to the ongoing pandemic, there will be ongoing protocols to keep our children and families healthy.

High quality masks (3-ply medical, KN95 or N95) are required in the church building for anyone 3 or older. Cloth masks are not allowed. I will provide child sized … read more.

11/29/20 Children’s RE

Watch the Video

Wondering Questions:
• The stork cares about his friend, the cloud, and wants to help him, even though the cloud is making dangerous animals. Do you stand by your friends no matter what? Do your friends stand by you?
• The … read more.

11/22/20 Children’s RE

Wondering Questions:
Have you ever stopped a friend from doing something they shouldn’t? How did they respond?
Have you ever done something you thought you probably shouldn’t, just because you were afraid someone would make fun of you for not doing it?



Activity: Bubbling Experiment

10/25/20 Children’s RE

Watch the Video Tin Toy

Wondering Questions
• Do you think babies are destructive?

• Do you take care of your toys? Do you have siblings or friends that are destructive with their toys? Do you have siblings or friends that are destructive with your toys?

• What do you … read more.

10/18/20 Children’s RE

Watch the Video: Your Friend The Rat

Wondering Questions:
• Remy stated that humans once regarded rats as sacred and as animals that would bring one luck. (If a white rat crossed your path, it brought good luck, while a black rat crossing your path … read more.

Children’s RE 10/11/20

Watch the Pixar short: La Luna

Wondering Questions:
Just like the cycles of the moon, the adults teaching the child how to
do a job is part of the cycle of life. Have you learned any skills from
your parents or grandparents?

This boy is … read more.

Children’s RE 9/27/20

Pixar Short: Lou

The unseen creature inside a playground lost-and-found box discovers a bully named J.J. stealing toys from the other children and teaches him a lesson. To J.J.’s surprise, he enjoys returning the items and makes some friends along the way. Once all the … read more.

Children’s RE 9/20/20

Mike’s New Car (9/20/20)


Animated Short Synopsis

Mike Wakowski, from Monsters, Inc., just bought a new 6-wheel-drive car, and can’t wait to take Sulley for a ride. However, Mike hasn’t mastered the complicated controls yet, and keeps running into problems. What was it again that was wrong … read more.