3 yr old and under Nursery is available during all services / Pre-K through 4th Grade meet in the RE classroom on the 2nd floor after the “Message For All Ages” during services.

2024 Summer RE 4 yrs – 5th grade: Birthdays From Around The World

2023-2024 September – May RE 4 yrs – 4th grade: Let’s Learn With Bluey.

2023-2024 September – May World Religions 4 yrs – 4th grade: Monthly All-age’s Chapel, first Sunday of the month after the Message For All Ages. Religions: Judaism, Hindu, Native American, Latin American Christianity, Christianity – Catholic, Buddhism, Islam.

 All-ages Events 2024-2025
Board Games and Ice Cream Fun Night (September)
Fall Camp (last weekend in September)
Halloween Fun Night (October)
Holiday Parade Hang Out OBUUC building (November)
Christmas Play (December)
Black Light Dessert Potluck and Fun Night (January)
Mystery Valentines and Cupcake Party (February)
St. Patrick’s Day Fun Night (March)
Helping Hands Feed Our Neighbors Vegetable Planting (April)
Spring Brunch (during Coffee Hour) (May)

Let’s Learn with Bluey: written by DLRE Leann, this curriculum uses discussions about the animated series Bluey to learn about teamwork, perseverance, communicating, friendship, mindfulness, respect, inclusivity, sharing, listening, curiosity, patience, and caring.

Birthdays From Around The World: written by DLRE Leann. Children love to eat, and they love to celebrate birthdays. What better way to introduce children to different cultures than through birthdays and food. This curriculum uses birthday traditions, stories, crafts, games, and food to give children a “taste” of different cultures around the world. This fits our UU Values that encourage us to learn, grow, value, and respect each other and to build a more peaceful world.