3 yr old and under Nursery is available during all services / Pre-K through Fifth Grade meet in the RE classroom after the “Message For All Ages” during services

2023 Summer RE 4 yrs – 5th grade: UU Picture Books

2023-2024 September – May RE 4 yrs – 4th grade: Let’s Learn With Bluey.

2023-2024 September – May World Religions 4 yrs – 4th grade: Monthly All-age’s Chapel, first Sunday of the month after the Message For All Ages. Religions: Judaism, Hindu, Native American, Latin American Christianity, Christianity – Catholic, Buddhism, Islam.

 All-ages Events
Halloween Fun Night
St. Patrick’s Day Fun Night
Spring Brunch
Mystery Valentines
Fall Camp (weekend in October)
Christmas Play

Let’s Learn with Bluey: written by DLRE Leann, this curriculum uses discussions about the animated series Bluey to learn about teamwork, perseverance, communicating, friendship, mindfulness, respect, inclusivity, sharing, listening, curiosity, patience, and caring.