(4 year olds – 5th graders)
Our children learn to respect themselves and the diversity of other human beings, to consider the relevance of the teachings of many varying religious traditions, to reflect upon the wonders of the world in which we live, and to develop their own sense of spirituality.

The children start their morning in church as part of the church congregation. This portion of the service includes songs, a chalice lighting, and a story for all ages; children leave the church service after Message For All Ages. The remaining time is spent with age-appropriate lessons that explore the Principles in-depth, work on social justice projects and create bonding among the children.

As UU’s, most of us spend our entire lives formulating our religious beliefs – it’s a part of what we are all about! Since we have no creed, we don’t try to give our children religion. Instead, we help them develop their own, to question and to wonder. We teach them how to think about religion, not what to think about it.