Part of being in a community is taking care of one another. We recognize that there are times in life when we can give and other times when we receive.

We support people who have short-term or temporary needs for meals, transportation, cards, phone calls, send get-well cards when someone is ill or in the hospital, and sympathy cards when there is a death.

If you need support at a difficult time in your life with transportation, meals, errands, death in the family, or if you would like to borrow durable medical equipment, we have 70 Good Shepherds who would be glad to help you. ONE CALL, THAT’S ALL!

Card Ministry

Every month you can sign up to send cards to people who are shut-in who are unable to keep their connection with the church. These are “thinking of you” cards with messages to let folks know that they are still part of OBUUC. There are usually approximately 20 people on the list and you let Shirley know how many cards you’d like to send (usually in multiples of 5), and she then sends you your group(s) for that month. When you send the cards with your message, sign your name and indicate that you are part of the Good Shepherds of OBUUC. We also send birthday cards to people who are 90 or older.

If you need support or if you would like to join this group, please contact Shirley Reynolds, or email the Church Office.