High School Religious Education (Youth Group) (9-12 grade) September – June
The Youth Group’s goal within our religious community is to: Provide a bridge between childhood and adulthood; Facilitate discovery and appreciation of personal gifts and talents, a joy of living and a belief in life’s potential in a setting which accepts diversity and exploration; Identify what participants, as adults, will need from a church and why they would choose to be a part of one.

This group runs with the assistance and support of several adult advisors. Youth Group activities come in all shapes and sizes – discussions, social service activities, “movies with a message,” weekend retreats and social outings. Youth Group plans and presents Youth Sunday, a semi-annual church service with a theme of significance to the young people themselves. Youth Group meets:11:00-12:15 am in George Bray Hall.

The High School curriculum addresses the following topics:
Encouragement to look inward for a clearer understanding of personal faith and guidance to express that faith outward into the world. What role can religion play in my life? How do I want to participate in my community? How do I want to conduct myself as an adult?

World Religion Classes acquaint youth with the diversity of faiths worshiped in the United States. The Director of Lifespan Religious Education teaches students about the foundations of such faiths, and takes the class on field trips to neighboring places of worship.

High-schoolers study the following religions on a three year cycle: Indigenous Religions, Black Church Traditions, Eastern Religions, Humanism, and Neo-Paganism/Wicca. High-schoolers visit the Baha’i Temple, Sikh Temple, and a Pow Wow.