9-12 grade RE meet in the Youth RE classroom after the “Message For All Ages” during services Sept – May

2023-2024 September– May: Building A Better World & Love Pantry

2023-2024 World Religions: Indigenous and Bahai – Field Trip to Hunting Moon Pow Wow in Milwaukee and Bahai House of Worship, Evanston Illinois

All-ages Events
Halloween Fun Night
St. Patrick’s Day Fun Night
Spring Brunch
Mystery Valentines
Fall Camp (weekend in October)
Christmas Play

Building A Better World: RPG-based curriculum that will lead youth and adults through the process of creating a game setting as a faith development and community-building exercise reflecting Unitarian Universalist values.

The curriculum will help participants co-create a world setting for a role-playing game while exploring questions of ethics, morality, and social justice. With discussion questions and activities, participants will explore the topics of race, ecology, mortality, class, abilities, goals, community, gender identity, diversity, exclusion, cultural appropriation, and all of the “ism’s” that plague our attempts to build a better world.