Children’s RE 10/11/20

Watch the Pixar short: La Luna

Wondering Questions:
Just like the cycles of the moon, the adults teaching the child how to
do a job is part of the cycle of life. Have you learned any skills from
your parents or grandparents?

This boy is with his father and his grandfather, and sometimes they
don’t get along very well. How does each want the boy to be like

Is it hard to go against the adults in your life if you want to do things
differently? Are there times you should do things your own way? Are
there times you should listen to the adults?


La Luna String Art
Materials needed:
Foam Board
push pins
gold string
glow in the dark stars

1. Place pushpins around the circle on the foamboard about ½” apart.
2. Tie one end of the string onto one pushpin
3. Wrap the string around the pins leaving the center of the circle as open as possible.
4. Make a loop to tie a knot around the last pin to secure the string and cut
off any excess.
5. Finish your La Luna art piece by gluing glow-in-the-dark stars in the
center of the twine.