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12/20/20 Wisdom of the Pine – Children’s Service

The theme of this morning’s service is: The Wisdom of the Pine. Later in the service the children will perform their play, where you’ll learn what wisdom the pine has to impart to all of us.


Prelude: “Oh Christmas Tree” performed by Anna Kojovic-Frodl

Call … read more.

11/22/20 Children’s RE

Wondering Questions:
Have you ever stopped a friend from doing something they shouldn’t? How did they respond?
Have you ever done something you thought you probably shouldn’t, just because you were afraid someone would make fun of you for not doing it?



Activity: Bubbling Experiment

10/18/20 Children’s RE

Watch the Video: Your Friend The Rat

Wondering Questions:
• Remy stated that humans once regarded rats as sacred and as animals that would bring one luck. (If a white rat crossed your path, it brought good luck, while a black rat crossing your path … read more.

Children’s RE 9/27/20

Pixar Short: Lou

The unseen creature inside a playground lost-and-found box discovers a bully named J.J. stealing toys from the other children and teaches him a lesson. To J.J.’s surprise, he enjoys returning the items and makes some friends along the way. Once all the … read more.

Children’s RE 9/20/20

Mike’s New Car (9/20/20)


Animated Short Synopsis

Mike Wakowski, from Monsters, Inc., just bought a new 6-wheel-drive car, and can’t wait to take Sulley for a ride. However, Mike hasn’t mastered the complicated controls yet, and keeps running into problems. What was it again that was wrong … read more.

8/30/20 Summer RE – Octopus

What can you learn from an Octopus?  There’s a lot!

Do not fear what may look foreign;
Respect alternative intelligences;
If necessary, blend in to escape detection;
When you know what you want, hold on tight;
Trust in your ability to squeeze through tight spaces and … read more.

8/23/20 Summer RE – Bears

What can we learn from bears?

Be aware. What’s happening around you? How can you help out? Don’t worry about your mistakes. Try try again and never give up. Be curious. Ask questions and figure out how to live your best life.


Watch these videos:




Wondering Questions:

I wonder … read more.

8/16/20 Summer RE – Hermit Crabs

What can you learn from a hermit crab?

Learn to live together, leave when it’s time, and don’t forget to include your friends.



Wondering Questions:
I wonder if you have ever seen or heard any of this before?
I wonder which part of this lesson is … read more.

8/9/20 Summer RE – Sea Turtles

What can we learn from Sea Turtles?

We can learn to over come obstacles, keep trying, and don’t look back.

Keep going and working ceaselessly until you reach your goal.

Chase down your dream and keep moving forward!


Watch these videos:




Wondering Questions:

I wonder if you have ever seen or … read more.

8/2/20 Peace and Justice by Leann Pomaville

Welcome to this online worship service. In the words of Bryan Stevenson, “We can’t recover from this history until we deal with it.”  It’s time to break the chain.

Prelude: “A Change is Gonna Come” by Sam Cooke


Call To Worship: “Let America Be America Again” by … read more.