Children’s RE 9/27/20

Pixar Short: Lou

The unseen creature inside a playground lost-and-found box discovers a bully named J.J. stealing toys from the other children and teaches him a lesson. To J.J.’s surprise, he enjoys returning the items and makes some friends along the way. Once all the toys have been claimed, J.J. is reunited with his beloved toy dog, stolen from him by a bully years ago.

Wondering Questions:
• How does J.J.’s behavior change in this film?

• Do you think J.J. is a bad person?

• Do you think people who bully others have other problems we don’t know about?

• Do you think bullies can change?



Activity: Kindness Rocks

• smooth rock
• permanent markers

The Kindness Rocks Project is a wonderful movement that encourages people to decorate rocks with inspirational messages and leave them in random public places for people to find. The same idea can be used to spread kindness to someone you care about. Transform ordinary rocks into animals, characters, interesting designs or write inspirational words and leave your rock as a colorful surprise for someone who needs a lift or a family member celebrating a big day.