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8/2/20 Summer RE -Ants

What can we learn from Ants?  Watch these videos:

Wondering Questions:
I wonder if you have ever seen or heard any of this before?
I wonder which part of this lesson is the most important?
I wonder which part you like the best?
I wonder how … read more.

7/26/20 Summer RE – Friendly Dolphins

Watch these videos:


Wondering Questions
1. Dolphins always seem like they’re smiling. They aren’t really smiling. It’s just the way they look. But it helps people feel friendlier toward them. How can smiling also affect relationships that people have with each other?
2. Dolphins show problem-solving … read more.

7/19/20 Summer RE – Clever Crows

Watch these videos about crows.

Did you know crows recognize people?


Crows have learned to use tools.

Wondering Questions:

Crows are great problem solvers. Can you think of ways that people solve problems?

Some problems are really difficult, and crows try the problem over and over.  What are … read more.

7/5/20 Summer RE – Curious Cats

Watch this video:

Wondering Questions:
1. Like cats, people are often curious. What are some positive ways of being curious?
2. How does being curious help us learn new things?
3. Curious cats sometimes get into dangerous spots. What are some ways that people … read more.

6/28/20 Summer RE – Box Jellyfish

Box Jellyfish are beautiful but deadly. The box jellyfish is pale blue and transparent. It’s almost invisible. It moves through the water with a dancer’s gentle grace. But beware! This delicate beauty is a dangerous beast.

Box jellyfish live in waters around Australia, Hawaii, and the … read more.

6/14/20 Summer RE: The Story of the Butterfly

What can you learn from a butterfly?  Watch this video:

What can you learn from a butterfly?


Butterfly life can be difficult, and they are very important for our environment. They are pollinators.

Help butterflies in your neighborhood survive and pollinate flowers, vegetable plants and fruit trees. … read more.

5/31/20 Children’s RE

Watch the video:

Wondering Questions:
I wonder which part of this story is the most important?
I wonder which part you like the best?
I wonder where you might be in this story?
I wonder if there is a part of the story that we could … read more.

5/31/20 Middle & High School RE

The anniversary of Merger Day, May 12, 1961


Classic Music from 1961. Remember this was before Elvis and The Beatles changed music forever!

Early History – Who were we?

Hosea Ballou
William Ellery Channing


The two greatest leaders in the early 19th century, Universalist Hosea Ballou and … read more.