6/28/20 Summer RE – Box Jellyfish

Box Jellyfish are beautiful but deadly. The box jellyfish is pale blue and transparent. It’s almost invisible. It moves through the water with a dancer’s gentle grace. But beware! This delicate beauty is a dangerous beast.

Box jellyfish live in waters around Australia, Hawaii, and the Caribbean Islands. These delicate jellies are silent and hard to spot, even though they have up to fifteen long tentacles. Each tentacle can be ten feet long, and each one has about 5,000 stinging cells.

Box jellyfish stings are very, very painful. Even worse, the stinging cells carry deadly poison. If a swimmer gets stung, acting quickly is important. The person needs medicine within twenty or thirty minutes. Of course, the best way to stay safe is not to get stung at all. Many divers wear suits that protect the. Others avoid beaches where jellies live.


Wondering Questions
The box jellyfish is beautiful but very dangerous. What are some things that may be tempting to people but can also be dangerous or unhealthful?

The box jellyfish often swims near beaches that are popular with people. To stay safe from these jellies, swimmers need to be careful and prepared. In your life, what are some good ways that you can be safe?


Make a Jellyfish Bottle


Did you know you can eat jellyfish? Not Box Jellyfish of course.