Speaker: Reverend Marlene Walker

We Are Known

Our Soul Matter’s theme this month is about Belonging. What does it mean to “belong,” what does it feel like to belong, how do we know we belong to something or someone? We’ll explore these questions and more.

Disrupting Expectation

So often we focus on what is planned, on what we expect will happen. What if we found a way to not only be open to changes in our expectations but actively worked to disrupt them? What might happen? What treasures and surprises might come … read more.

Bibs and Aprons

What are our expectations of being and belonging in community? Do we come into community expecting to bring our bibs or aprons? What’s the difference?Come find out.

**Round Table immediately following this service. Childcare will be provided.

The Chalice and the Flame

When we think of the Chalice we often think mostly of the flame.  But without the bowl of the chalice there would be nothing to hold the flame. The chalice is as important as the flame.  Our congregation, our people,  are the bowl that holds … read more.

Finding Abundance

Summer can be a time of abundance. Where do you find abundance in your life? And how can we begin to think more abundantly about our lives together.

Flower Communion Sunday

One of our Unitarian martyrs is Nobert Capek. He began his ministry as a Baptist heretic in Prague, Czechoslovakia, fled into exile to New York City, found himself labeled a heretic within the American Baptist church, and converted to Unitarianism. We will honor his life … read more.

The Church That Matters

In the church that matters we decide again and again to ask tough questions, to take real risks, to do work that needs doing, and to tell the truth.” On this Sunday of our Annual Congregational meeting, let’s get curious about what it might mean … read more.