Speaker: Reverend Marlene Walker

The Healing Power of Kindness

How can we use the power of kindness to create connections and combat the rising incivility that we see all around us? From our day to day interactions, to how we respond to events in the wider world, the practice of nourishing kindness can be … read more.

On the Road

During our lifetimes we travel many roads. What does it mean to be on a journey on the road of life?

His, hers, theirs, Zirs – Gender – More Than Two

Why are pronouns important to our understanding of wholeness? How has our understanding of gender identity changed and why is it an important social justice issue?

*Note: Each service will end with a Tornado Drill. Gathering place is in the lower level George Bray Hall.

The Church That Matters

In the church that matters we decide again and again to ask tough questions, to take real risks, to do work that needs doing, and to tell the truth.” On this Sunday of our Annual Congregational meeting, let’s get curious about what it might mean … read more.

Flower Communion Sunday

One of our Unitarian martyrs is Nobert Capek. He began his ministry as a Baptist heretic in Prague, Czechoslovakia, fled into exile to New York City, found himself labeled a heretic within the American Baptist church, and converted to Unitarianism. We will honor his life … read more.