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12/20/20 Wisdom of the Pine – Children’s Service

The theme of this morning’s service is: The Wisdom of the Pine. Later in the service the children will perform their play, where you’ll learn what wisdom the pine has to impart to all of us.


Prelude: “Oh Christmas Tree” performed by Anna Kojovic-Frodl

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11/29/20 Children’s RE

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Wondering Questions:
• The stork cares about his friend, the cloud, and wants to help him, even though the cloud is making dangerous animals. Do you stand by your friends no matter what? Do your friends stand by you?
• The … read more.

11/22/20 In Gratitude by Rev. Eric Meter

Welcome: Rev. Eric Meter
Good morning everyone. Welcome to the Olympia Brown Unitarian Universalist Church in Racine, WI.
I’m the Rev. Eric Meter, the congregation’s interim minister.We gather together this morning as best we can
to restore both our courage and our faith as we … read more.

11/22/20 Children’s RE

Wondering Questions:
Have you ever stopped a friend from doing something they shouldn’t? How did they respond?
Have you ever done something you thought you probably shouldn’t, just because you were afraid someone would make fun of you for not doing it?



Activity: Bubbling Experiment

11/15/20 Diwali



Make a chalice in honor of the diyas lit during Diwali.

11/15/20 Our Healing is Not Done by Suzanne Landis

Good morning, everyone, and welcome to the Olympia Brown Unitarian Universalist Church. If you are a guest, we offer a special welcome to you this morning.  Parts of the worship service today were taken from “The Promise and the Practice of Our Faith” worship … read more.