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11/1/20 The Democratic Experiment by Reverend Eric Meter.

We gather together this morning as best we can to restore our courage as we face the world as it is.


Prelude: Meditation by F. Bridge, Darlene Rivest, violin, Anna Kojovic, piano



Chalice Lighting: words adapted from those by Angela Herrera
Don’t leave your broken … read more.

10/25/20 Remembrance Sunday by Rev. Eric Meter

Welcome: Good morning everyone. Welcome to the Olympia Brown Unitarian Universalist Church in Racine, WI. I’m the Rev. Eric Meter, the congregation’s interim minister. I’m honored to be with all of you on this beautiful October morning.  We gather together this morning as best we … read more.

10/25/20 Children’s RE

Watch the Video Tin Toy

Wondering Questions
• Do you think babies are destructive?

• Do you take care of your toys? Do you have siblings or friends that are destructive with their toys? Do you have siblings or friends that are destructive with your toys?

• What do you … read more.

10/18/20 Transgender Awareness Service

Welcome: Welcome to this online service.


Prelude: “Born This Way,” Lady Gaga


Chalice Lighting: Adapted from the Passover Haggadah

May the light we now kindle

Inspire us to use our powers

To heal, and not to harm

To help, and not to hinder

To bless, and not to curse

To serve, learn, and grow.


Introduction … read more.

10/18/20 Children’s RE

Watch the Video: Your Friend The Rat

Wondering Questions:
• Remy stated that humans once regarded rats as sacred and as animals that would bring one luck. (If a white rat crossed your path, it brought good luck, while a black rat crossing your path … read more.

Children’s RE 10/11/20

Watch the Pixar short: La Luna

Wondering Questions:
Just like the cycles of the moon, the adults teaching the child how to
do a job is part of the cycle of life. Have you learned any skills from
your parents or grandparents?

This boy is … read more.