Covenant of Right Relationship

Olympia Brown Unitarian Universalist Church

Adopted by the Congregation at the Annual Meeting, May 2019

This covenant is a solemn agreement. It formalizes our expectations of treating one another as we want to be treated. Being human and not perfect, we recognize that while we will strive to uphold the elements of the covenant, we will sometimes fail. When that happens, we will refer to this covenant to help set us back on the right path, as a reminder of our shared vision.

Member* to Self

I promise to:

  • Take care of myself and strive to overcome barriers to personal growth.
  • Continue my spiritual journey and participate in Congregational life.
  • Live the principles and stay true to my beliefs.
  • Listen, keep an open mind, and be receptive to change.

Member to the OBUUC Community

I promise to:

  • Listen and interact with others honestly, respectfully and with an open mind.
  • Show support and appreciation for differing viewpoints.
  • Speak directly and respectfully to others in person and on social media, avoiding bullying, gossip, rumors, cliques, and factions.
  • Respect confidentiality.
  • Be welcoming, inclusive, and develop relationships by including new members, visitors, and people of all ages and backgrounds.

Member to Leadership (board and other elected members, committee chairs, etc.)

I promise to:

  • Trust the good intentions of our leadership, assist as I am able, and accept decisions made.
  • Do my best to understand the structure of leadership and be willing to serve, mentor, and participate as I am able; encouraging others to do so as well.
  • Share my concerns directly, openly, and respectfully.
  • Be open to changes, including leadership transitions.
  • Be mindful that our leaders are members too and are volunteering their time, skills and efforts.
  • Express gratitude for their work and dedication, realizing that no position is easy.

Member to Staff

I promise to:

  • Learn who the staff members are and understand their responsibilities.
  • Respect staff time, office space, materials, deadlines and their expertise in areas of authority.
  • Understand the importance of appropriate staffing and the necessity of fair compensation and encourage professional growth.
  • Speak directly to staff in a constructive manner when there is a concern.
  • Offer to help when a need arises.

Member to Minister

I promise to:

  • Recognize and respect that the minister has training, education, and experience in UU ministerial leadership.
  • Understand that the minister’s role is a professional one and treat them accordingly.
  • Communicate directly and honestly with the minister.
  • Respect the minister’s privacy and need for confidentiality and appropriate boundaries.
  • Commit to doing my part in adequately compensating the minister with salary, benefits, time off, professional development, spiritual growth, and resources.
  • Respect the minister’s authority and expertise in planning and leading worship.
  • Support the minister by keeping an open mind and maintaining a willingness to change.
  • Encourage the minister’s support of and engagement with the UUA and understand its importance.

Member to Wider Community

I promise to:

  • Work with and support other faith and community groups to pursue common goals and make this world a better place.
  • Live and share the UU principles and values in the wider community.
  • Work for social justice and toward dismantling racism and other forms of oppression and discrimination.
  • Support work being done by other UU Congregations and the UUA.

* Member refers to members, friends and staff of the church.