Speaker: Linda Bestor

Life As A Dance

Come visualize the beauty of classical ballet, the pulse of break dancing, and the amazement of aerobatics. Dance is the only art form that has only one instrument – our physical body – to express all the immensity of life!

Honoring Roots, Expanding Branches

Today, we review our ancient cultural roots to find that their wisdom has enlightened our understanding and brought greater relevance to modern faith traditions. Reinvestigation and Reinterpretation of our basic core Judeo-Christian beliefs are necessary and demanded by people who have lost their meaning and … read more.

Friendship: A Covenant of Impermanence

At this service, you are invited to embark on the most common adventure we have all known, yet ultimately it is the most unique and most valued journey we take in life – one of friendship. Colleen Wilkinson will provide special music.
We will have … read more.