Reverse Advent Calendar – Donate to our Love Pantry

The holiday season can be a very difficult time for those who are food insecure. You can help by donating just one non-perishable food item or personal care item during this season of advent. Use this reverse advent calendar to track items each day during December to add to a donation box.

On Christmas Eve, bring the donation box to church and either put the food items in our Love Pantry on the 7th Street side of church, or leave the box near the pantry and our high school youth will fill the pantry or store your box for a future week.

This is such an amazing way to easily give back this year and will not only bless those in need in our community but also keep us focused on the true meaning in this season.

Reverse Advent Calendar
December 1: dry pasta
December 2: dried spice
December 3: cooking oil in plastic bottle
December 4: dessert mix
December 5: crackers
December 6: bagged rice
December 7: toothbrush/toothpaste
December 8: toilet paper
December 9: box of cereal
December 10: stuffing mix
December 11: paper towel
December 12: boxed potatoes
December 13: peanut butter in plastic jar
December 14: coffee
December 15: bag of candy
December 16: bag of flour
December 17: bag of sugar
December 18: dish soap
December 19: loaf of bread
December 20: bar soap
December 21: powdered milk
December 22: laundry soap
December 23: shampoo
December 24: pancake mix needing only water

Note: Canned items should not go into the pantry until March. Canned items will be removed from the pantry and stored. Do not put glass jars or bottles into the pantry.

Download our Reversible Advent Calendar to print at this link:

Thank you all for donating to our pantry!
OBUUC High School Youth