Oct 13 Round Table on Facebook Live

Dear OBUUC Member or Friend,

We are going to use Facebook Live to broadcast the October 13th Congregational Round Table to people who cannot attend it in person.

The idea is to be as inclusive as possible, while still respecting the privacy concerns of people who might appear in the video. To that end, here is our plan.

We will set up a recording device (either a phone or a webcam) facing the front of the sanctuary. The video will appear as an announcement on the page of OBUUC’s Facebook group. Only people who are members of the group will be able to watch the video on their computer or mobile device.

During the meeting, people who wish to appear on camera will be able to, and people who want to keep both their image and their voice off of the internet will be able to write their comments for a moderator to read aloud. People who are watching the video from home will be able to type comments, and those comments will be visible to a moderator at the meeting, who can read them to the other attendees.

After the meeting is over, we can delete the video from Facebook. We will probably do that a few days after the meeting, so that people can watch after the fact if they could not attend in person or virtually during the scheduled time.

In summary, people can use Facebook to observe the Congregational Round Table. Attendees who are there do not have to appear in the video if they don’t want to. Members will have a time window after the meeting to watch the recording. Only members of the OBUUC Facebook group will have access to the video.

Experimentally yours,
The OBUUC Board of Trustees