Immigration Support Congregation Opportunity

April 15 and April 22, 2 pm … 90 minutes

The Good News: The United States is finally processing asylum seekers.

The Opportunity: Asylum Seekers need sponsorship organizations and accompaniment.


The OBUUC Board has approved exploring the opportunity of our congregation, perhaps with other congregations, to sponsor an immigrant or an immigrant family, who are allowed into the United States pending an Asylum Petition Hearing.

To that end, there will be training by AMMPARO on what will be required and how to serve as a support organization.

Please participate in this training so that we can better understand our options and how to support those who seek an opportunity to avoid persecution and oppression in their homeland while contributing to our society.

Email with your name and email address along with any questions you may have.

Contacts for this project are: Robert Suligross and Stuart Bard.