5/31/20 Children’s RE

Watch the video:

Wondering Questions:
I wonder which part of this story is the most important?
I wonder which part you like the best?
I wonder where you might be in this story?
I wonder if there is a part of the story that we could leave out and still have a story?
I wonder if the fiends in this story were good or bad?
I wonder what parts of nature you like best?
I wonder what would happen if you had the power to take the sun out of the sky and make it yours?
I wonder if you help take care of the earth?
I wonder if this lesson reminds you of any of our other Unitarian Universalist Promises?
I wonder where the Spirit of Love and Mystery might be in this story?


Make a Little Fiend from sticks. This page makes and owl, so use the same directions but make an fiend instead.


Make a Yarn Wrapped Photo Mobile.


Make a Flower of Nature Mandala. This video, uses flower petals, but you could use anything from nature – leaves, grass, twigs, rocks, Take photos, then leave it for other people to find and enjoy.


Snacktime! Make dirt cake!


This has been a Violet Promise lesson.