Meditation Retreat at DeKoven Center

“WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW”. We live with enormous social, political, economic, and environmental turmoil and change. We experience that turmoil daily and it can feed our own personal and interpersonal turmoil and distress. In this retreat, we will recollect and seek to cultivate what is actually helpful in difficult times and release what only leads to greater turmoil, suffering, harmful action, and confusion.

The OBUUC Meditation Group will be hosting a residential/ non-residential meditation retreat at the DeKoven Center on March 1st-2nd. The retreat will begin at 6 pm on Friday and end after dinner on Saturday at 7 pm.

Jan Sheppard from the Madison Insight Community (Vipassana Buddhism) will be leading the retreat. Jan has led numerous retreats in the midwest including many in Racine.

The retreat will include both sitting and walking meditation, Dhamma instructions and guidance from the teacher, gentle Qi Gong, and an opportunity to ask questions.

The cost of the retreat is $120 for a single room in Taylor Hall, $110 to share a room, and $60 for commuters. 3 vegetarian or vegan meals are included Saturday.

For more information contact Mark Sommer marksommer74 (at)  or Pam Smiley psmiley (at)