Endowment Fund Message

Endowment Fund Message

May 2021

Ways To Make Sensible Charitable Gifts
in These Times
  1. Make sure your surviving relatives know where to look for your key documents at the time of your passing. In a safe? In a bank? Avoid keeping them guessing!
  2. Know the key elements of your estate plan and recognize the fact that the congregation has an Endowment fund that invests with professional Racine Foundation and the National UUA Foundation to reduce risk.
  3. Know estate planning tools:
  • Financial Power of Attorney
  • Health care Power of Attorney
  • Beneficiary Designations on Assets
  • A clear understanding of the benefits of trusts and wills
If you would like to discuss these tools, you can correspond with the Endowment Treasurer, John Stutt.
Because the stock market is up, there are good opportunities for tax savings by gift planning, outright gifts, gifts from your IRA, gifts known as Qualified Charitable Distributions, estate gifts from IRA and charitable lead trusts.
The past year has been challenging. Strategic thinking on gifting makes sense.

April 2021

Easily Provide Support to Olympia Brown UU Church Through Your Will

One of the most popular and easiest ways to support the good work of our community is to remember our congregation in your will. Although the legacies you typically read about in the papers are grand in scope, most people who leave assets to charitable organizations through their wills are of modest means.

Here are some future and ongoing needs that your donation could support:

  • Expand and enhance programs or initiatives in your congregation
  • Continue to maintain or build facilities
  • Ensure the future of your religious community

Completing Your Gift

So how do you remember us in your will?

While planning or updating your will, simply tell your attorney that you want to leave something for our congregation. A common practice when including a bequest in your estate is to leave a percentage, rather than a fixed amount, to us. That way, your bequest to the congregation remains in proportion to other bequests.

Easier, and a less expensive option is just set up a separate account at your financial institution and name “Olympia Brown Unitarian Universalist Church” as the beneficiary.

Notify our OBUUC office so a record can be kept.