Budget Q & A (ahead of the Annual Meeting) 6/1/22 6:30 p.m. Zoom

Budget Q & A
(ahead of the Annual Meeting)
Wednesday, June 1, 2022
6:30 p.m. by Zoom
Our Board Treasurer, David Biehl, invites all who are interested, to attend the OPEN Q&A Zoom Session scheduled for Wednesday, June 1st at 6:30 p.m. in advance of our Annual Meeting to be held on Sunday, June 5 (see below)
You are invited to review the Proposed Budget, which will be sent by email on Thursday, May 26th along with the Annual Report, and submit your questions to David in advance of the OPEN SESSION Q&A so we may use our time as efficiently as possible. Send questions by May 31st.
We are hoping the lengthy question and discussion will occur on this meeting time rather than in our Annual Meeting time.
Questions may be sent to David at: treasurer@obuuc.org
or to the church office at: churchoffice@obuuc.org