5/10/20 Children’s RE

Watch the Video:

Wondering Questions:
I wonder how Ferdinand could be happy simply sitting under a tree or smelling flowers?

I wonder why the other young bulls liked to run and jump and bump their heads together?

I wonder why Ferdinand’s mother worried about him?

I wonder if Ferdinand’s mother enjoyed running and jumping or sitting under trees?

I wonder why the other bulls wanted to fight each other as they grew older?

I wonder why the men with the funny hats enjoyed bull fighting?

I wonder what would have happened if Ferdinand did not sit on a bumblebee?

I wonder if there are times in our own lives when others misread our actions and feelings?

I wonder how Ferdinand felt when he went out into the ring?

I wonder if any of us like to fight?

I wonder if any of us feel like crying when we are mad?

I wonder if any of us like to sit under trees and smell flowers?

I wonder if any of us are happy when we are quiet?

I wonder if people are happy when they feel mad?

I wonder how people stop feeling mad

I wonder what happiness looks for you?

I wonder if this lesson reminds you of any of our other Unitarian Universalist Promises?

Make Paper Flowers:

Make Blooming Flowers:

This has been a Blue Promise story.