10/3/21 Wholly and Holy by Rev. Danielle Lindstrom



Chalice Lighting
We begin our service with shared ritual, lighting our chalice. The symbol of our Unitarian Universalist Faith.
Our words this morning are reading number 419 in our hymnal by Unitarian Minister Robert French Leavens.

Holy and beautiful the custom which brings us together,
in the presence of the most high:
To face our ideals,
To remember our loved ones in absence,
To give thanks, to make confession,
To offer forgiveness,
To be enlightened, and to be strengthened.

Through this quiet hour breathes
The worship of ages,
The cathedral music of history.

Thress unseen guests attend,
Faith, hope, and love:
Let all our hearts prepare them place. Please join in singing our first hymn Number 27 I am that great and fiery force.


Hymn #27 I Am That Great and Fiery Force


Gesture of Friendship


Message For All Ages


Children’s Blessing


There are many ways we give to the life of this community and the monetary offering is just one of these ways. Each month we partner with a local organization and share the money we gather during our weekly collection. This month we will be sharing our collection with the Joshua Glover Justice Fund. They have shared a video with us that will explain more about their work.


Offertory Music

Our reading is
The Heart of Our Faith
by Monica Jacobson-Tennessen

What is it
That calls you here
That calls you onward
That calls you inward
That leads you homeward?

What is it
That gives you the power
To make that change
To ask that question
To take that journey?

What is it
That says you have done well
That asks you to learn more
That brings you to stillness
That holds you up in hard times?

It is relationship
The beating heart of our faith.

It begins when we share
This hour
Our truths
This air
Our hearts.






Hymn #18 What Wonderous Love


Chalice Extinguishing