Renewal by Lisa Scott-Ptacek and Andrea Bumpurs


We come to you in the comfort of your own homes, and we take great comfort is seeing you all here this morning.

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Call to Worship: On Claiming This Time for Renewal” by  Rev. Gretchen Haley

Though you have been warned

and given plenty of explanations

reasons to do otherwise

you have persisted

to claim a life of joy, and justice, and to carve out

this time for renewal

of your own heart

despite the din

demanding your attention

luring you towards fear

and cynicism

you persist

with gratitude

for this day, this life that has been given

this chance to begin again

despite all the forces of fragmentation

the disappointing ways we fail each other,

fail ourselves

we must refuse to let grief undo us, or

to let our dreams get lost along the way –

in spite of all of the evidence

we keep showing up at the edge of our own longing –

and then,

we keep going

remembering this duty we have to life,

in a greater sense,

this duty we have to each other,

our children, and their children –

this hope that is also a choice we make

this promise we fight for:

to persist in kindness,

persevere in compassion

and prevail in a life that is bound

entirely to love – Come let us worship, together


Prelude: “Voluntary  by John Traverse,” Anna Kojovic-Frodel


Chalice Lighting:


Gesture of Friendship:


Message for All Ages:


Children’s Blessing:


Reflection on Renewal: Lisa Scott Ptacek

Ecological Renewal: Melissa Warner


Hymn: Blue Boat Home by Peter Mayer




Meditation: by Rev Rebecca C. “Becket” Coppola


Music: Return Again by Neshama Carlebach


Personal Renewal Reflection:  Debra Hall


Extinguishing the Chalice


Postlude: Over The Rainbow,  Anna Kojovic-Frodel