9/12/21 Water Communion Sunday – Rev. Danielle Lindstrom

This Sunday we gather to honor a UU tradition, our Water Communion Service. It will be an all ages service and it will be good to see everyone!

Once again, we mark another annual tradition in virtual sacred space, on Zoom. At the center of our decision to continue meeting virtually, we hold the importance of protecting one another through the pandemic. It is hard not to be together in our building, and I am grateful for the ways we continue to show up, for you, and for our sacred virtual space.


We will celebrate the ways water connects us throughout history and to one another, and the way water carries hope into the future. We will honor the ways water nourishes our bodies, and hold the ways that water can be destructive, as we see with climate change.

How beautiful it is to be down the street from one of the largest sources of freshwater on Earth. It takes many drops of water to make that beautiful lake possible, as it takes many different people coming together to make Olympia Brown Unitarian Universalist Church.


During our service, through ritual, we recognize different experiences and emotions that we hold throughout our lives.

Please bring a jar or a glass of water and something that represents each verse of our hymn, I’ve Got Peace Like a River. I have included a suggestion for each.

Peace- Something organic, a flower or grass, a leaf

Joy- Sugar

Love- Cinnamon

Pain- Pepper

Tears- Salt

Strength- a rock

Children and Youth in this year’s RE have been given special jars and items to use during the ritual.


It will be good to see you on Sunday and to celebrate this annual ingathering service.