8/9/20 Love Will Guide Us by Rev. Eric Meter


Prelude “Prelude II” by George Gershwin, Glenn Mehrbach, piano


Chalice Lighting
We light our chalice to words by Lois Van Leer:
We light this chalice –
not because we must
but because we may.
We light this chalice –
not because we have the truth
but because we each come bearing and seeking many truths.
We light this chalice –
in connection across culture, distance, class, and language.
We light this chalice –
that our religion may be a beacon
Of light, hope, and justice.
We light this chalice
to kindle our hearts and our minds.

Gesture of Friendship


Hymn Wake Now My Senses



Time for All Ages: “What Do You Do With A Chance” by Kobi Yamada


Children’s Blessing
We are,
We are blessed,
We are blessed by being,
We are blessed by being here,
We are blessed by being here together.


Centering Words One Love adapted from Rev. Hope Johnson
We are,
A diverse group
Of proudly kindred spirits
Here, not by coincidence –
But because we choose to journey – together.
We are active and proactive
We care deeply
We live our love, as best we can.
We are one
Working, Eating, Laughing,
Playing, Singing, Storytelling, Sharing and Rejoicing. Getting to know each other.
Taking risks
Opening up.
Questioning, Seeking, Searching…
Trying to understand…
Making mistakes Paying Attention… Asking Questions Listening…
Living our Answers
Learning to love our neighbors Learning to love ourselves.
Apologizing and forgiving with humility Being forgiven, through Grace.
Creating the Beloved Community Together.


Song for the Day Every Long Journey by Ann Reed


Reflection by Rev. Eric


Closing Song Love Will Guide Us, First UU Congregation of Ann Arbor UU, 3 May 2020, Dr. Glen Thomas Rideout, Director of Worship & Music, Allison Halerz, Pianist-in-Residence


Benediction adapted from those by Rev. Erika Hewitt 
ask everyone to hold hands up to those on either side of them
The hand [ virtually touching ] yours belongs to a person whose heart is sometimes tender, whose skin is sometimes thin,
whose eyes sometimes fill with tears, whose laughter is a beautiful sound.
The hand that you hold belongs to a person who is seeking wholeness,
and knows that you are doing the same.
As you leave this [ time of ] sanctuary, may your heart remain open, may your voice stay strong
and may your hands remain outstretched.
When you do, I think you’ll find how beloved the community is that already surrounds us. Give it a try.


 Postlude  “We Shall be Known” by the “How We Thrive” Virtual Choir