6/21/20 Summer RE – Metalmark Moths

The jumping spider likes making a meal out of moths. So it’s pretty easy to understand why most moths panic when they see these spiders. The scared moths try to fly away. But the jumping spider is quick. Most of the time, the moths end up as lunch.

The Metalmark Moth is different, though. Instead of taking off, it stays put. This moth is small but gutsy. It stands its ground. The metal mark moth flares out its back wings and holds it’s front wings above its body at an angle. Sometimes the Metalmark Moth even dances toward the spider.

Watch these videos of Metalmark Moths:

The Metalmark Moth’s colors are similar to the jumping spider’s markings. When the moth holds up its wings, it imitates the shape of jumping, jerking away. It is copying the way a jumping spider moves. It’s a tricky moth in spider’s clothing.

These tricks confuse most spiders. Jumping spiders have good eyesight, but it’s not good enough to spot the moth’s trick right away. For a few seconds, the spider isn’t sure if it’s looking at a friend, a foe, or food.

Watch this video of a Jumping Spider:

Wondering Questions:
I wonder if you have ever copied someone?
I wonder when copying what someone does is ok?
I wonder when copying someone isn’t ok?
I wonder if you have ever stood up to someone like the Metalmark Moth stands up to a jumping spider?
I wonder if the Metalmark Moth standing up to the jumping spider is like someone standing up to a bully?
I wonder if it takes courage to stand up to a bully?
I wonder if it takes courage to do what you believe is right?


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