Children’s RE 3/29/20

Watch the story, Frederick by Leo Lionni, then answer the Wondering Questions following the story. 

Wondering Questions

I wonder if you have ever seen or heard any of this before?

I wonder which part of this story is the most important?

I wonder which part you like the best?

I wonder where you might be in this story?

I wonder how the other mice were feeling while they were working and Frederick sat there watching.

I wonder what would have happened if all the mice were like Frederick?

I wonder what would have happened if Frederick was just like the other mice?

I wonder if you were a mouse in the stone wall, what would you be collecting to prepare for the winter?

I wonder if this story reminds you of any of our other Unitarian Universalist Promises?


Watch baby mice grow up in less than 25 days!


Make and Origami Mouse


Or Make a Paper Mouse (Click to enlarge)


Or Make this Paper Mouse


Snack Time! Make a vegan chocolate cake! (This recipe is very easy!)


This is a Red Promise Lesson