Welcome to the New Religious Education Year!

happynewschoolyear-pittsburg-k12-ca_-us_For the majority of my life I’ve lived on a school year schedule, so it’s no surprise that this time of year, when the evenings get dark earlier and the cicada chirp begins to wane, it feels more like the New Year than any day in January. As this new year approaches Sundays become a time of exploration where our children circle up to live, love and learn together in a place that values exploration. As we discover and practice the Unitarian Universalist sources and principles, our children learn how to be strong citizens of a global environment. In our church circles, children can search for what is true and meaningful for them, while they understand and celebrate that they are part of the interconnected web, and everything that they do has an impact.

September 11 begins another year of Religious Education at OBUUC. The Children’s Program for 4 year olds to 5th grade will spend this year learning about World Religions. There is so much to learn from the stories and practices of other cultures and religions, and through the technique of Spirit Play and Montessori Method hands on work, the children are given the opportunity to discover what is relevant to them.

Our middle school group of grades 6-7, will spend the year during the 11am service, discovering what it means to be a UU in the digital world. We hope to help our youth understand and use the profound new powers the digital revolution has given them. This will be done through exploring the internet, looking at music for themes and messages, and discovering ideas that popular films create.

The 8-12 grade youth, whom also meet during the 11am service, are given a weekly opportunity to “walk the talk” and actively participate in our world and church through social justice projects, Youth Sunday, and opportunities to delve into the topics that interest them.

Yet, Sunday just scratches the surface of what is available for children and youth at OBUUC. We have a calendar filled with activities throughout the school year. You will find a copy of the calendar here.

Since it’s the beginning of the year, here’s a reminder of our RE Policies:
1. All children and teens must have a registration form on file with the Director of Religious Education.
2. For each family participating in OBUUC Religious Education, at any grade level, a parent/guardian should volunteer at least 3 times per school year in OBUUC’s Religious Education.
3. In a divorced parent or blended family situation, both parents sill be informed of Religious Education schedules, events and classes regardless of parent attendance at Olympia Brown UU Church. Parents are responsible for providing addresses to the Director of Religious Education.
4. To keep each other healthy we recommend that children participating in Religious Education are up-to-date on vaccinations.
5. Children and teens should be free from fever or vomiting for a period of 24 hours before participating in Religious Education.
6. In the event a child has a visible skin rash, pink eye, ring worm, or lice the child should refrain from participating in Religious Education or other OBUUC activities until seen by a doctor.
7. On Sunday morning, children 5th grade and under must have a parent, guardian, or designated adult in attendance at church.

In Peace,

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