UUA General Assembly 2016

On June 22-26, 2016 the UUA held its Annual General Assembly in Columbus, Ohio. OBUUC was well represented by myself, Ruth Bradford-Johnson, Laura Duker, 3 high school youth – Drew Duker, Tai Klyzub-Kalmar, Shane Smiley and one young adult – Samantha Smiley.

Our banner hanging in the halls of the convention

Our banner hanging in the halls of the convention

While a more formal report is being planned, I wanted to pass on some of the highlights from this year’s gathering. Below are video links to some of the more important experiences in my estimation.

Reverend Dr. William J. Barber, II

During the public witness, Reverend Doctor William J. Barber, author of The Third Reconstruction and founder of the Moral Monday’s movement spoke eloquently about the need for “prophetic mourning.” This video is from the first plenary session of General Assembly where he made a similar speech.

Reverend Dr. William Sinkford

During the Service of the Living Tradition, Rev. Dr. William Sinkford spoke elequently about “Life (and Love) Calls Us On” saying in part, “resistance is what love looks like in the face of hate.” If the video hasn’t forwarded itself; the sermon begins at 1hour 30min 54seconds.

Sunday Morning Worship
Sunday Morning Worship featured the music and poetry of Dr. Glenn Thomas Rideout and a sermon by Rev. Nancy McDonald Ladd who encouraged us to treat each other well in “In All Thy Getting, Get Understanding.” I must admit that this worship service was so moving I’ve rewatched it multiple times. The entire service is in the video below. If you don’t watch the whole thing, make sure to watch Dr. Glenn Thomas Rideout’s poem and Rev. Nancy McDonald Ladd’s sermon.


We also participated in the counter demonstration to the Westboro Baptist Church protest. Our demonstration was one of love over hate. You can find more information and a video on the NBC Columbus website.

Love Will Win,

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