Upcoming Sundays October 2016

Sunday, October 2, 2016
“At the Home of Luman Parmelee” On Sunday, October 2, 1842 – exactly 174 years ago today – a group of 10 men gathered at the home of Luman Parmelee to discuss the formation of a Universalist congregation in the village of Racine. Tony will explore some of the history of that event and its aftermath, so that we can begin this 174th anniversary year in anticipation of our church’s 175th (called terquasquicentennial) anniversary. Our Olympia Brown (Adult) Choir will sing for us at this service. Service this Sunday is also World Communion Sunday, we will celebrate Jesus’ social-justice teachings with communion, but with this difference: Instead of bread and (non-alcoholic) wine, we will share bread and water, as was this congregation’s custom in its early years. (Many Universalists were involved in the temperance movement, including the first minister of our church, the Rev. Alfred Constantine Barry, who was the editor of the temperance weekly, The Old Oaken Bucket. While most other temperance-minded churches switched from wine to grape juice, the Universalists went to water instead – thus prompting one historian’s remark that “The Universalists reversed Jesus’ first miracle of changing water in wine – they changed it back to water again!”

We would normally have a Beyond-These-Four-Walls presentation (on the Racine Habitat ReStore iPods for Alzheimers, which is our offertory-outreach recipient for October) – but since the communion service will take a little longer than usual, we will delay that presentation until October 9th. (We will still collect for it this Sunday, however.)

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