Speaker: Reverend Marlene Walker

Awe, Fearing Not, and Blessing

Many of the stories of this season are about awe, and fearing not, and of  finding blessings when we least expect them. What do these stories have to teach us about ourselves in this season.

Deck the Halls

On this Second Sunday in Advent we find ourselves deep within this season of Awe. A season where we bring the outside inside, to warm our hearts. We hang mistletoe, bring in evergreen trees and green boughs, and light candles and other lights. Following this … read more.

Paying Attention

Our Soul Matters Theme this month is Attention. What does it mean to pay attention? How can we practice attention in our lives? And just what do we want to pay attention to?


Diwali is a five-day-long festival of lights celebrated by Hindus, Jains, Sikhs and some Buddhists. We’ll learn about Diwali through stories, color, food and activities in this fun multigenerational service.

We Are Known

Our Soul Matter’s theme this month is about Belonging. What does it mean to “belong,” what does it feel like to belong, how do we know we belong to something or someone? We’ll explore these questions and more.

Disrupting Expectation

So often we focus on what is planned, on what we expect will happen. What if we found a way to not only be open to changes in our expectations but actively worked to disrupt them? What might happen? What treasures and surprises might come … read more.

Bibs and Aprons

What are our expectations of being and belonging in community? Do we come into community expecting to bring our bibs or aprons? What’s the difference?Come find out.

**Round Table immediately following this service. Childcare will be provided.