Speaker: Omega Burckhart

Sunday Bacon

We honor and grow our relationships in ways great and small. Sometimes, it’s with elaborate, public rituals. Perhaps more meaningfully, we create small traditions that show our loved ones and community that they are important, and that we are paying attention to how we are … read more.

Who Are ‘We’?

When we look around the table, who do we see? What parts of ourselves do we bring to the table? Who are “we” at the table?

Cherishing the End

So often the end of a process or experience will pass us by, unnoticed and unrecognized until much later when we have the gift of time and perspective. As humans who crave beginnings and new perspectives some of us are afraid of endings. What would … read more.

Synchronicity: Finding Grace through Connection

What do we make of those moments that cause us to pause in wonder at the pure coincidence, the surprising correlations that our daily lives drop into our laps? What is the connection to grace and the divine when we experience synchronicity?

Coming Home

We set forth on our journey, our belongings prepared and our minds open for adventure and transformation. After the journey, how do we unpack?

Omega is our ministerial student intern from Meadville Lombard.