OBUUC- Your Church In Search

Olympia Brown UU Church has embarked on a very exciting time – we are searching for our next settled minister.  This will be a time of great reflection and discernment as we think about who we are and who we want to become with our new minister.  The search process as set forth by the UUA will guide our congregation and particularly our Search Committee.  To read more about this procedure, followed by most UU churches in search, see the Ministerial Transitions website.

The Olympia Brown UU Church Settled Minister Search Committee (SMSC) has gone through a training session with the Transitions Team from the UUA and have been assigned a Transitions Coach to help guide them through this process. They were given the settlement handbook which lays out a step by step process in the search for a new minister. Below is a brief timeline of events.

The Timeline
Congregational Survey – September 2020
Cottage Meetings – October/November 2020
Beyond Categorical Thinking Workshop – November 2020
Congregational Record completed – November 2020
Receive Applicants – December 2020/January 2021
Interview Prospective Ministers – January 2021
Precandidate visits – February/March 2021
Announce Candidate – April 2021
Preparation for new Minister – May thru July 2021
New Minister Arrival – August 2021

These are the members of the SMSC as nominated and elected at the May 2020 Annual Meeting. They are now fully engaged in the process of Search to find a new Minister for OBUUC.  (Click on each member’s name to read their bio.)

Melissa Warner
Mike Rude
Abby Sommer
Bill Garvey
Analissa Follensbee
Mark Lukow
Addison Tower