Neighborhood Gatherings

Want to get to know friends and members of our church who live near you – and explore social, ethical, philosophical, and spiritual/religious topics? Then attend the next UU neighborhood gathering in your area to share joys and concerns, discuss a topic our minister has chosen, and enjoy food and fellowship with your fellow UUs (in a less-hurried fashion than Sunday-morning coffee hour generally allows). Most groups meet once every 3 months on a week-night from 7 to 8:45 p.m., at various members’ homes.
Although you are free to attend any neighborhood gathering you prefer, OBUUC’s seven (7) “official” neighborhoods are:

Kenosha – all areas south of County Highway KR which includes those who live in Illinois.

Downtown – area bordered by State Street on the north, Memorial Drive on the west, Lake Michigan on the east, and Durand Avenue (Hwy 11) on the south.

West/South – area bordered by Washington Avenue (Hwy 20) on the north, County Highway KR on the south, and Lake Michigan (south of Durand) on the east.

All Saints – area bordered by Spring Street, Hwy 31 and Northwestern Avenue on the north, small section of Memorial Drive on the east, and Washington Avenue (Hwy 20) on the south.

Near Northside – area bordered by 3-Mile Road on the north, Hwy 31 on the west, State Street on the south, and Lake Michigan on the east.

Far North – area bordered by Hwy 31 on the west, 3-Mile Road on the South, Lake Michigan on the east, and all areas to the north.

Northwest – area bordered by Spring Street on the south, Hwy 31 on the east, and all areas to the north and west.

See you at the next gathering scheduled in your area!