Green Sanctuary

Green Sanctuary encourages us to look for ways to respect our Earth through all four categories of the committee’s objectives: Worship, Religious Education, Environmental Justice and Sustainable Living. NEW! Green Congregations website has just been created so go to and read more about the community efforts of living green.

The Green Sanctuary Committee’s objectives fall into four categories:
• Worship
• Religious Education
• Environmental Justice
• Sustainable Living

Our congregation incorporates respect for Earth, our home, from all religious traditions in our services. Every couple of years, our committee takes on an Earth Day service in April. We believe that the choice of recipients of our offertory outreach is a form of worship and our congregation has been generous in its support of environmental centers and programs in our community.

Environmental Justice
Fair Trade products are available between services. Coffee, tea and chocolate items are for sale. Use of these items ensures sustainable environmental practices in their production and harvest, fair labor practices and fair wages for workers. We’ve worked with Salvation Army to distribute compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) to their Food Bank clients. We’ve been able to provide close to 3000 CFLs to our low income neighbors to help them save on their energy costs.

Sustainable Living
Recycling opportunities:
We accept all types of batteries for recycling. Bring them to church or the church office (Annex). Most will fit into the tall clear tubes. It costs us a bit to recycle each regular household battery so please put about a penny each into the tube as well.

We accept cell phones that are donated to a charity. There is a basket for them near the front door of the church or bring them to the Annex.

We accept used printer cartridges. The church is paid for each refill-able cartridge and the rest are recycled. There is a basket for them near the front door of the church or bring them to the Annex.

We have a magazine exchange in the back of the sanctuary. Bring recent issues that you think might be of interest to other members and take those that you are interested in.

Recycled Paper ProductsRecycled paper products:
The church offers bath tissue (TP), facial tissue and paper towels that are 100% recycled Green Seal Certified products at wholesale prices. They are available at the church office (Annex) during regular hours. The church facilities continue to use these products.


Sustainable Travel to Church:
Get on your bike, your shoes, your roller blades or carpool with your neighbor; June is Sustainable Travel to Worship month. For 6 years we have been promoting human-powered transportation to church along with carpooling and public transportation for this event and encouraging it year-round.