Children’s Program Volunteer

Storyteller: DRE (Leann or Abby) Doorkeeper: You!

Your role in Spirit Play is called “The Doorkeeper”.

The order of the morning is:
1. Arrival and Greeting
2. Lesson
3. Work Time
4. Clean-up
5. Feast (Snack) & Joys and Concerns
6. Leave Taking

1. Arrival and Greeting
Ideally the DRE will leave the sanctuary first with the children following behind, and each child will be greeted before entering the room. Your role is to try to keep the children quiet while they’re on the staircase.

2. Lesson
During the lesson: Sit on a chair near the tables or on the floor with the children. Stay focused on the lesson to help any children sitting with you direct their focus on the Storyteller(DRE). You, the Doorkeeper do not participate in the story circle.

We don’t expect this to happen, but if a child is disrupting the group The Storyteller will indicate that the child needs to leave the circle. If this happens, move your chair to the back of the room near the nursery, the child will sit near you. Every chance will be given for the child to move themselves to you, the Doorkeeper. Only as a last resort would the Doorkeeper come and get the child from the circle to stay at the door for the rest of the story. Usually a child who is with the Doorkeeper remains there for the story, and the Storyteller will indicate that the child can return to the circle during the wondering.

3. Work Time
When the children choose their work, listen so that you can help them help themselves to get their lessons out. They may need help setting up their art materials and getting lessons from the shelves. All art trays require a work rug for the child to define their work space, so children should be directed, as necessary, to get a rug out before they take their tray of materials out. Children working on stories do not usually need a work rug; the underlay from the story defines their work space.

4. Clean-up (chime will sound from the Storyteller)
Help children help themselves to clean up art materials. Children should put all materials back on the shelves and put away their work rugs. All art should be stored in the drawers by the door for children to take home.

5. Feast (Snack) & Joys and Concerns
Help the 3-4 children who are going to serve the feast: They should walk around the outside of the circle. The storyteller will announce and direct them to you. Children must “be ready” to be served (legs crossed, napkin spread).
One child: napkin basket
Second child: snack
Third child: juice with doorkeeper.
It is best to wait to give out juice until everyone is seated with napkin spread to avoid spills. Bring around pitcher if children would like more juice.
The Doorkeeper may join the circle for the feast time after all are served..
Fourth Child: When children are finished, the Doorkeeper and Fourth Child can walk around the outside of the circle collecting trash, cups, plates, etc.

6. Leave Taking (The children will remain in the circle on the floor, with the story teller, until called by the Doorkeeper)
Greet the parents and begin to announce the names of children whose parents are there. Remind parents to sign out their children on the clip board. If a children is not printed on the attendance sheet, they parent needs to fill out (or hand in) a registration form.
Storyteller will say goodbye and “peace be with you” to each child.
Doorkeeper should also say goodbye to children.