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In the Interim June 2019

We are fortunate to have Rev. Erika Hewitt coming to Racine to lead a workshop on worship for us. I encourage anyone to attend – most especially anyone who has served as a worship associate or worship leader. Come learn about UU worship. And it … read more.

From the DLRE: Honoring our UU Identity

Honoring our UU Identity
(excerpt from Soul Matters; Sharing Circle)
by Leann Pomaville, DLRE

Early History – Who were we?
The two greatest leaders in the early 19th century, Universalist Hosea Ballou and Unitarian William Ellery Channing, lived within easy walking distance of each other and had prominent Boston … read more.

In the Interim: May 2019

In January we held a workshop to begin the process of creating a Covenant of Right Relationship for OBUUC. Many of you participated in that workshop. Over the last couple of months the Interim Transition Team (Mark Sommer, Mike Rude, Luanne Frey, Jody Spencer, and … read more.

From the DLRE: Summer Sundays in RE

What will you be doing on Sundays this summer?

The children in religious education class will be cooking around the world.

Children love to eat, and they love to cook, so throughout the summer we’ll give children a “taste” of different cultures from around the world. They’ll … read more.

In the Interim: February 2019

During the discussions following Rev. Keith Kron’s visit last month there was expressed a need to further grieve the ending of Rev. Tony Larsen’s ministry.

In the Jewish tradition of my family of origin there is a custom called “sitting Shiva.” This follows the loss of a … read more.

From the DLRE: Faith Formation

When my children were babies and toddlers I diligently read books and websites about child development. My favorites were the books by Louise Bates Ames and Frances L. Ilg of the Gesell Child Development Institute at Yale. During these years of reading I never … read more.

In the Interim: January 2019

It’s been a busy past month as we start a new year. We had a wonderful turnout for the Covenant of Right Relationship Workshop and did very important work that will be ongoing. We Lifted Off our Annual Budget Drive. We also had a … read more.