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In the Interim: April 2019

As part of being your Interim Minister, it is required that I attend the annual AIM Seminar through the UUA Transitions Office, being held in San Antonio, Texas April 22-26, 2019, so I will be out of the office until May 1st.

Looking ahead to May, … read more.

From the DLRE: Faith Formation for Teens

Did you know that once your child or grandchild ends 5th grade, you have only 364 weeks left to truly influence their lives? Sound like a lot? Well, when they end 11th grade you have only 52 weeks. Ask yourself, what kind of influence do … read more.

In the Interim: March 2019

During the discussions following Rev. Keith Kron’s visit last month there was expressed a need to further grieve the ending of Rev. Tony Larsen’s ministry.

In the Jewish tradition of my family of origin there is a custom called “sitting Shiva.” This follows the loss of a … read more.

New Church Directory and Photography Session

Has it been awhile since your last photograph was taken?

Be included in our new directory!

Lifetouch will be providing onsite photography and assisting us in creating a new directory. Our new directory will be a valuable resource to strengthen connections in our faith community.

Photography … read more.