A Time of Transition

Upon learning the news of Tony’s retirement at the end of 2017, I’m sure you have many questions. This will be a time of change for our church, and an important opportunity to find the right minister to help guide us to a secure future.

What’s next?

Two main tasks lie before us:

  • Choosing an interim minister
  • Choosing a “settled,” or permanent, minister

Why do we need an interim minister?

The process of calling a settled minister takes approximately two years. During that time, an interim minister guides us through the process of calling a settled minister, while also attending to the ministerial needs of the congregation. “Interim ministers are recognized for their ability to assist congregations in coming to terms with their past and claiming their new identity as they ready themselves for a stimulating relationship with a new settled minster.”¹

How do we do this?

The Board of Trustees will form an Interim Task Force, charged with finding and recommending an interim minister. The Board of Trustees will then make the final decision. Because in interim minister’s placement is only temporary, because the time between the minister’s announcement of departure and the interim’s desired arrival is short, and because the demand for interim ministers exceeds the supply, the interim hiring process is simple and brief.

In addition, the Board of Trustees will nominate, and the congregation will elect, a five- or seven-member Ministerial Search Committee, which will conduct the two-year process of calling a settled minster.

Where can I learn more about this process?

The Unitarian Universalist Association has an excellent web site that deals with ministerial transition. It is found at http://www.uua.org/careers/minsters/transitions. There you can find:

  • The Transitional Ministry Handbook, which describes the process of interim ministry.
  • The Settlement Handbook, which describes the process of calling a settled minister

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact any member of the Board of Trustees. My email is obuucbot@googlegroups.com, or you can call me at 847-986-9141.

Yours in service,
Addison Tower
President, Board of Trustees

1 UUA, Transitional Ministry Handbook

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